Afghanistan: deadly floods after years of drought

In a country whose name has become synonymous with generations of war, the past year has been marked by multiple climate catastrophes. First, drought brought a massive food crisis to over 10 million people, stunting the growth of about 40% of children under 6 years of age … [read more]

Current global rainfall anomaly

The above map shows the anomalous rain accumulation for the current season (northern hemisphere summer). You can also see rainfall anomalies for previous seasons.

Data comes from the U.S. Climate Prediction Center’s Unified Gauge-based Analysis of Global Daily Precipitation. The above anomaly is accumulated from the start of the current season and computed relative to a daily climatology from 2006-2018.

Monsoons are:

  • continental-scale circulations that deliver water to billions of people
  • a seasonal reorganization of global atmospheric flow that is driven by the sun
  • dominant climate features in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the tropical Americas