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Welcome to the Yale monsoon blog … and the 2014 boreal summer monsoon season!

We’ve created this website to provide a collection of observations, forecasts, news, and discussion about all of Earth’s monsoon regions.  We are in the midst of the northern hemisphere summer monsoon season, which has been most remarkable in India because of the lack of rainfall over much of that country — much of central and northern India have received only about half their typical rainfall since the start of the monsoon season.


The above plot shows the fraction of normal precipitation received over the last 90 days in the Asian-Australian monsoon season, and although there are also anomalous dry regions over the Middle East and parts of Australia, those regions are less remarkable just because they are usually quite dry at this time of year (in other words, the absolute rainfall anomaly is not nearly as large there).

The Meiyu-Baiu front — the east-west oriented rain band that brings precipitation to much of China and Japan during summer — is also unusual in that it is located further south than usual at this time of year, as you can see from the north-south dipole in these precipitation anomalies:


OK, that’s it for now, but look forward to more news about the world’s monsoons as the summer season evolves!



  1. Good to see such blog that will help about weather forecast. Next time i need to visit the coaching center, i can see the forecast here and carry the umbrella 😀

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